2 thoughts on “Trailers

  1. Hello Anne,
    You certainly do not remember me, but i remember you from about 2009, I believe. You came to Birmingham High school and I was just a junior in high school. You gave a great motivating speech about what you’re aspiring to be and all your accomplishments on Faded Memories, at the time. I did some research after I found a flyer of Faded Memories that you had signed when you visited my school, and found you on Youtube to see that you are doing well and that your movie is selling on Amazon, congratulations 🙂 even though I am probably late on congratulating you, better late than never.

    A year after your visit, my senior year in high school, I became so passionate of film. It was as if you rubbed off on me. 😛 I was involved with my school’s TV show in which I did a lot of the editing. Summer 2011, this year, after i graduated from high school, I got into a film program known as Inner-City Filmmakers where I created my own short film (3minute non-dialogue) which lead me to 2nd place in the Student Screen writing Award. It sure doesn’t measure up to your accomplishments in having a feature film and progressing, but I can surely understand the triumph you must feel, and let me tell you it’s amazing.

    I am currently in college now, CSUN, majoring in Film Production. Still pursing it. I will stop here because I feel like I’m ranting on about myself, but that is not why I tried finding you.
    Reason is, I feel as though you have really helped me to be where I am today. Coming from both being women and trying to be part of the industry is hard, but every time, I take myself back to junior year listening to your accomplishments, and it only pushes me farther. And so, THANK YOU. I really just wanted to take the time to thank you for the mental support you had no idea you were giving.

    Good luck in the rest of your journey. I am definitely keeping up with your films. It would be a pleasure meeting you again.

    Best Wishes,
    Karla Ruvalcaba

    • Thanks so much for your message Karla! I think I actually remember you 🙂 Yes, it was a great day when I visited your school. I sure encourage you to keep at it and pursue your dream no matter what. Keep me posted (right here!) with all the good stuff that happens to you and it would be great to see again one day. All the best, Anne-Sophie

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